Friday, November 12, 2010


Post by Rebecca

One of my favourite foods is Sushi, I have a particular fondness for the salmon variety (fresh that is) and have been very fortunate to have been eating regularly at the Japa Deli in Auckland ( and the Sushiko in Port Macquarie, NSW due to work commitments.

My favourite evening meal at a Japanese place would involve the Salmon Nigiri (see above), Salmon sashimi (see below) and either the vegetable tempura or the pork pancake.

I think my fondness for these dishes are that they’re simple but tasty and always make me feel good after I’ve eaten them. My disappointment is that when I’m not travelling then the closest sushi place is a good 20 minutes away and focuses more on the sushi roll variety (I love the salmon and avocado or the cucumber and avocado variety)  than the nigiri or sashimi.

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